Lucas Rogerson is an independent Canadian musician, recording artist, producer and founding member of the Settlers Creek Band.  His music combines the influences of pop-rock, country and more recently blues.  He has toured and performed professionally since the age of 12 and has released two records to date with Settlers Creek Band (Line in the Dirt – 2011, Stumbled on to You c/w Life is out there (singles) – 2012) and two solo records (Streetlights – 2013, Kaleidoscope – 2014).  He is currently in the studio working on a new record to be released in 2015.

The eldest son of four and raised on a farm in Fergus, ON, Rogerson took an early interest in music.  At an early age, he was singing in church choirs and performing in school plays.  After a short venture with piano lessons, he received his first guitar at the age of 8 as a Christmas present and quickly took to the instrument.  At the age of 11, he started playing the trombone in his school band while also studying the violin under the tutelage of Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Champion, Scott Woods. Under Woodsʼ wing, Lucas started touring and performing at festivals, concerts, dances and jamborees throughout Ontario.  Music, in all forms quickly became Rogersonʼs life.

It was during high-school that Rogerson started composing and writing songs using the classical and jazz techniques he was studying in school and the wide array of influences outside of it.  This is also when he met the musicians that would go on to form his first band and give a platform to hone his performance skills for the next decade.

While on tour with Scott Woods in his mid-teens, Rogerson met Bryce Butcher at a jamboree.  They connected over similar interests in traditional country music and started performing as a duo at jamborees.  The two quickly gained a following and decided to form a band.  Calling upon high school band mates Sean Bruder and brothers, Chris and Greg Eisen, a group was officially formed.  In early 2000 the Settlers Creek Band played their first concert which became the primary musical focus for Rogerson for the next 10 years.  The band toured relentlessly and grew from small bars and fairs to being one of the top drawing bands in Ontario and playing at major festivals.  In 2011 Settlers Creek Band released their debut album ʻLine in the Dirtʼ, co-produced by Rogerson beginning the next stage of his life and a defining moment for the artist.

During the production of ʻLine in the Dirtʼ, Rogerson became enamored with the songwriting and record-making process.  After its release, he went on to further develop his skills in the studio by producing other artists.  Frustrated by their desires to follow current trends, Rogerson set out on his own to develop something that was uniquely his.  He began work on a record that would free him from the confines of expectation.

The time had come to act as a channel, not the creator, of the music.

Streetlights (released May 20, 2013), is largely a record of Lucas “letting it happen”.  The songs were all written rather quickly with little review.  He wrote about what he heard, saw or felt.  The recording sessions were likewise instinctual including musicians that he had performed with and felt a musical connection with at some time during his career.  Brett Schneider, Mark Whitelaw and Don Featherstone had the freedom to play what they felt.  They wouldn’t over-think the arrangements or performance.  They would just play.  Upon the release, Rogerson embarked on a tour to promote the record.  Performing in mid-sized theaters the audience was treated to the transformation of an artist coming into his own.  The concerts were spontaneous, elegant and sensual; while being majorly successful at launching the new artist.

Since the completion of the Streetlights Tour, Lucas started working on a new record that combines and explores his vast musical pallet of influence and experience up to this point.  Entirely written and recorded at his new studio with a brand new band, Kaleidoscope was released July 1, 2014 and reveals more of this artist who is constantly evolving.  Ever prolific, Rogerson is currently huddled up in his laboratory working on his next creation.  The consummate CreArtist!